How it works

Snoring - The Problem

We all need a natural good night's sleep but unfortunately if you are one of the millions of the Canadian population that snore, you and/or your partner, may not get a adequate night's rest.

Both men and women snore but research shows that it is a more common and severe occurrence in men. There can also be other factors involved including both weight and age.

In most cases snoring is caused by a narrowing of the airway at the back of the throat. The air passes over the soft tissue at greater velocity and therefore causes vibration as it passes. This creates the sound of snoring with which, if you have this night time problem, we are all too familiar.

Please note that not all snoring problems are caused by this reason and therefore before purchasing SnoreCure please check our pre-purchase checklist.

SnoreCure - The Solution

The SnoreCure is a simple, natural, non-medicated and effective snoring solution. Made of special soft feel plastic it is ready to use. There is no heating or moulding required to achieve a correct fit and you still continue to breathe naturally through your mouth. The SnoreCure moves the lower jaw slightly forward and holds the mouth slightly open. This improves the airflow at the back of the throat and eliminates snoring in most cases - if it does not, you get your money back! It may take some users a short while to get used to (see our FAQ's) but most snorers find it a comfortable, instant and effective aid to stopping snoring.

The SnoreCure was invented by David Hawkes to solve his own snoring problems. It has been developed and tested in the UK and is also British made. Now available in Canada.

A leading (MD FRCP)Professor of Respiratory Medicine and Consultant Physician University of Oxford.

I have been involved in both clinical and research aspects of sleep, sleep apnea and snoring for over 25 years. I have published over 200 articles in scientific journals on these subjects. In particular I have published on the use of dental devices (also known as jaw, or mandibular, advancement devices, and also oral appliances.

The important factor that influences technical success seems to be the extent to which the device holds the lower jaw forward; this is not surprising since they are thought to work by increasing the space behind the tongue, and drawing the jaw forward does exactly this.

I was approached by SnoreCure to carry out some trials using their product. Knowing it to be a "one-size fits all" i could understand the advantages SnoreCure could have over other boil and mould devices available on the market.

I began recommending SnoreCure to patients of the Oxford Sleep Unit and was amazed with the results. I would like to confirm that SnoreCure does advance the lower jaw and remains properly retained in the right position over night.

The SnoreCure advertisement claims that it is "simple, fast and effective. It is certainly simple (no moulding needed; for example) fast (if it's going to work then it will work on the first night) and there is no reason to think that it is less effective than other such devices.

Richard Tyrrell (RDT MDTA)

I am a dental technician who has owned and run a specialized Dental Laboratory for over 30 years. I have manufactured and supplied custom - made anti-snoring devices to dentists for about 9 years. I advise SnoreCure as a specialist consultant on the design and effectiveness of the product. They made several changes following my advice and I am satisfied that the end product of the SnoreCure is a good and effective anti-snoring device. I believe that SnoreCure is an effective answer as a single size product and that their statement “stop snoring or your money back” is a very fair way of marketing this product.

* Disclaimer: No medical claims of any nature are made or intended in any of the stories submitted. The experiences of the parties concerned are their own personal experiences and any unsatisfied customer may take advantage of our full 45 day no questions asked return policy.